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In this blog, we will explore whether booking through Costco Travel can save you money. We will compare prices across five different categories: vacation packages, hotels, cruises, rental cars, and Disney vacations. So let’s dive in and see if Costco Travel is the money-saving option you’ve been looking for.

When it comes to booking travel, finding the best deals and saving money is always a top priority. That’s why many people turn to Costco Travel, their friendly neighborhood warehouse club, for all their shopping needs. But did you know that Costco also offers exclusive travel bookings for their members through Costco Travel?

Vacation Packages:

One of the most popular options for travelers is booking a vacation package, including airfare and hotel accommodation. I compared three different options and found that Costco’s prices consistently beat the direct booking alternatives. For example, a four-night trip from Dallas to Cabo saved customers $234 compared to booking directly.

Costco even included a shared airport transfer, adding extra value to the package. Similar savings were found for a seven-night trip from New York to London, where Costco’s price was over $1,100 lower and included a $400 credit with a local tour operator. Even for a seven-night trip to Hawaii from Seattle, where the savings were smaller at $25, Costco included a full-size rental car from Alamo for the duration of the trip.

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Hotels for Costco Travel:

Costco TravelWhen it comes to booking hotels through Costco Travel, the savings can be a bit hit or miss. You have access to hotels such as Hyatt, Hilton, Fairmont, Swiss hotels, and Raffles properties, but the selection is limited, especially if you’re looking for a hotel in the US.

Additionally, many hotel chains now offer member-exclusive rates, prepaid non-refundable rates, or promotional discounts on their websites, making it harder to find direct savings through Costco Travel. However, I did find one opportunity for savings at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica. Overall, while hotels may not be the strongest area for savings with Costco Travel, it’s still worth considering the added value and convenience they provide.


If you’re considering a cruise for your next vacation, booking through Costco Travel can offer significant savings. I compared prices for a seven-day Caribbean sailing with Royal Caribbean and found that Costco’s price was $336 lower than booking directly through Royal Caribbean’s website. Both options included extra value, with Royal Caribbean offering an onboard credit of $175 and Costco including a $140 Costco card.

Similar savings were found for a seven-day Alaska sailing with Norwegian, where Costco included a $500 Costco card, giving you up to 7% back on the cost of your trip. Finally, on a seven-day transatlantic cruise with Cunard’s Queen Mary, Costco’s price was $422 cheaper than booking through Cunard’s website, and they even included an additional onboard credit.

Rental Cars:

Costco TravelWhen it comes to renting cars, Costco Travel can also help you save money. I compared prices for a one-week intermediate car rental in Cleveland, a full-size car rental in Houston, and a full-size SUV rental in Reno. In all three cases, Costco’s prices beat the prices on the rental car companies’ websites. Additionally, Costco claims to cover the cost of adding one additional driver to your reservation, providing even more savings. While this may not apply to everyone, it’s still a nice added benefit for those who do require an additional driver.

Disney Vacations:

Planning a trip to Disney World? Costco Travel can help you save money there too. I compared prices for a one-week stay at Disney’s Boardwalk, including airfare, hotel accommodation, and park tickets. Costco’s price came out almost $200 better than booking airfare directly on the airline’s website and booking the hotel and park tickets directly on Disney’s website. Additionally, Costco included a one-week rental of a full-sized car from Budget, adding to the direct savings. Costco Travel is worth checking out if you’re considering a Disney vacation.

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In conclusion, Costco Travel offers opportunities for savings across multiple travel categories. While the amount of savings may not always be remarkable compared to other options such as AAA discounts or group discounts, it’s still a viable option for Costco members. With the potential for added value benefits, such as prepaid Costco cards, credits with tour operators, and even free rental cars, it’s worth pricing out your options on Costco Travel’s website. So, the next time you’re planning a vacation, give Costco Travel a shot and see if they can help you save some money.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope it has provided you with valuable insights into the money-saving potential of booking travel through Costco Travel. For more travel tips and information, follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at Explore Inform. If you found this blog helpful, don’t forget to hit the thumbs up or subscribe to our channel. Happy travels!

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